STOP INDUCING OUR WOMEN! It is an assault. Provide them with a real choice of care providers and different settings for birth. STOP prosecuting us for our informed decisions. Enough with coercion.

Vancouver Sun and other dailies reported on a new study coming out of UBC regarding high c-section rates in BC. That is nothing new. They also say that the rates vary among practitioners/hospitals/regions. That is nothing new either. As much as I like the wording used and perhaps a bit fresher look at the issue I wonder how many more studies will it take to make a change.

BC c-section rate 30.4% highest in all provinces, c-section rate for induction 26%, first time Mom inducing for “post dates” – 50% chance of surgery, rates may be higher per doctor and hospital, conclusion …. need more monitoring, data, and research to come up with a plan on how to lower the section rate (quality improvement strategies) and hope we will find people (hosptl admin and team members) willing to implement it. ??? WTF?
source: c-section birth task force report 2008, BC Perinatal Health Program
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