holly cow! This new REVIEW that just came out in the American Journal of OB & GYN TODAY is sparking some controversy. Kudos to Dr. Klein, an emeritus professor of family practice and pediatrics at the University of British Columbia to setting the record straight and calling the review a “crap”.
Dr. Joseph R. Wax of the OB-GYN department at Maine Medical Center, the lead investigator, with “his colleagues analyzed data …” and “came to the conclusion that there was a tripling of neonatal deaths for home births…”

SAY WHAT??? ANALYZE MY BEHIND. Really! would love to see the work they did and how they did it.

Dr. Jay Iams, the journal’s associate editor: “The study results are consistent with what common sense would tell you,”

That is WHY you don’t give birth to babies, dear Dr. Iams, and why you need a study after a study after a study  to tell you what? That men are incapable of giving birth normally and that you should just leave to women, preferably the ones that don’t have too many initials after their names.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2010/07/02/home-births-safety.html?ref=rss#ixzz0sYFf5HeE