I have been neglecting all my internetting lately, except to do research for my papers. My school schedule seems not too demanding but it was made before the court order, which leaves me now with seeing my kids even less. Thankfully the boy is only two so I still get to keep him close. Unfortunately the girl was ordered to transfer from her public school homelearning program to a different district and full-time school, without grounds and just because her Dad wanted it, so both her brother and I miss her presence terribly.
I will post more on this at some point.

I am ever so more aware, grateful, and indebted to my friends. I don’t know how I would manage without you all – emotionally, physically, but also logistically.

Just as I started to manage to take a breath in here and there and keep my chin above the water for long stretches of time I found myself swamped with midterms and neglected papers. I’m off to the library for a few hours. Then to see the girl in her dance class, and more studying.
I am also lucky to have great demanding yet understanding professors. One of them is a homeschooling Mama herself.