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There has been a lot going on in my world causing me to redirect my energy and time elsewhere … but I had to take the two minutes to post this.

Has anyone seen P!ink’s new video for Raise Your Glass? There is this scene, where lactating women are hooked up to a breast pump and milked. The milk is collected it and, presumably, bottlefed to the bovine calf in front of them.

Raise Your Glass by Pink

It is an interesting imagery. It strikes a sensitive chord with me on soooo many levels. What do you think?

It also reminds me of


“I swear by Apollo the physician …” “Let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Hippocrates, 400BC.

I had been immersed in my free time in looking up pre-eclampsia. My friend a trained nutritionist and I often discuss the importance of nutrition in pregnancy and in life in general. My midwifery mentor cannot stress the need for excellent eating habits during the childbearing time more or more often. And recently I have received two calls in one week from two separate women saying their doctors want to induce them the next day for pre-eclampsia. When I got the stories out they both sounded very similar. They were both well into the 39th week of gestation. Both had a blood test done showing some signs of pre-eclampsia. One had a blood pressure checked and it was a bit higher but still within limits (as per her doctor, she did not know or remember the reading), the other one did not even have a BP done before the OB said to induce.

I know that in both cases no more testing was done and they were automatically scheduled for an induction. Is there really such a rush that a care provider does not have to do more of assessing and consultation for risks and the nature of the condition? What about nutritional counselling and providing info about the only effective treatment available the Dr. Brewer’s diet?

Well. I guess that is why they pay me the BIG bucks! Oh wait a second …

So, here is “some” (actually this is the most complete look on pre-eclampsia) info on pre-eclampsia. Of course you cannot discuss pre-eclampsia without the backing of  Dr. Brewer.

Alas, this post will have to await my rant. It is past midnight, I have a client starting her birthing process and I also have to pick up my kids from their Dad’s in the morning. The time demands are maddening at times. I wish I had a time machine. Sometimes.

the cause of our blueberry madness:

U-pick $1.25 per lb. (10 lbs. and over) and $1.40 per lb. (under 10lbs) We-pick $2.00/lb.

Open everyday 7am-7pm for the season; Call first to confirm – 604-468-8988
Address is 3495 Devon Rd, Port Coquitlam… ask for Juliana

Easy to get to from Vancouver

woke up this morning

with sunshine on my face ….  Sook-Yin Lee in Beautiful video for CBC’s Definitely Not the Opera.

with giggles and kisses warming up my bones,

cuddles and near-misses of footsies in my face waking up my nose,

elated jumps from the headboard landing on bellies urging them to empty,

with grumbling tummies and mouthfuls of cries to be filled with chocolate blueberry pancakes and, of course, Love.

Most people out there do on daily basis. My sister adds it to her coffee or at least she used to (have not checked lately). And the Halloween candy  out there that my ex insists on allowing my kids to ingest is full of it.

Read on, get educated about Aspartame (NutraSweet), a neurotoxin like MSG. The company that the FDA laid criminal charges on did a huge cover up in the research backing up the claims of it being ‘safe’.

These guys know what they are talking about. I don’t like Dr. Mercola too much due to the huge selling push but this video is not by him.

Enjoy and pass it along.

Have you read the books he is talking about? Sweet Deception: Why Splenda, NutraSweet, and the FDA May Be Hazardous to Your Health? or the video by Cori Bracket’s Sweet Misery, A Poisoned World?

We had Soo much fun on Sunday!!! Where you ask? Doing what?….

My son LOVES blueberries. He can eat them every day, bowl-fulls. This morning we had some blueberries topped with mascarpone whipped wit maple syrup. Than we had … more blueberries – on their own. Then, english muffins with … cries for more blueberries. 😀 I asked what the kids want for lunch … more blueberries. Two days of eating mainly blueberries and I really think they will start turning into giant blue berries by the end of the day.

Yesterday we spent the day blueberry picking. My dear friend Mandy invited us to her Mom’s blueberry farm for a day of family picking. Julie’s farm is located in Port Coquitlam, easy fifteen- or twenty-minute drive from Burnaby. I invited a few of my friends and some homeschooling families to tag along.

We got to Julie’s farm at noon and the weather was perfect … cloudy and on the chilly side. I let the kids loose to play in the large grassy area. Right away, ABoy found the largest sticks in PoCo and started slaying the local dragons. When I told him we were at a blueberry farm where the bushes were bending to the ground with the weight of the biggest juiciest berries he would ever see … he left the local population to deal with the fiery beasts on their own and started stuffing his mouth with the sweet blues.

I was amazed to see that some of the four-year olds as well as eight-year olds were doing really well filling up their parents folks. I was less impressed with my demands onto my children to start earning their keep. KGirl informed me that she is too busy doing her work. I asked what that might be and she said … “being a kid, so playing is my work.” She was in heaven with her accomplices around. The guilty parties: Lela and Makonnen, Andrew and Isabel, Megan and Linus, and of course ABoy. Alas, after they dined on the blueberries they were off to chase hummingbirds and dragonflies and play hide and seek in the jungle.

story time at Richard's

Andrew reading to Kaia and Lela while patiently waiting for sushi.

The sun came up and I started to sweat. I also became quite aware that I picked the low bushes and not the tall ones. I am quite tall for those of you who don’t know me. My back was really sore. But, I managed to pick 15 pounds of berries on my own, over some spillage and two thieving monkeys.

My friend Jane brought home-made sushi, cut into perfect size for the kids to share. Margaret made yummy vegan chocolate chip banana mini muffins, and I … just mixed some cashews with dried currants and raw cocoa nibs, and glued it together with maple syrup. Of course we all finished it with a healthy dose of … blueberries. 🙂

Julie hung out with us and was very attentive as a hostess. She even offered to feed us! Which we politely declined as to not put more strain on her household. It was enough that we over-ran her house. 🙂

We topped the loot with a dozen of free-range eggs from the next door house.

I am looking forward to the next time. I hope there will be at least one more time this summer.

I really highly recommend this little farm. Julie rocks.

Thanks to Julie and Mandy, Adam and Jane, Margaret and Frank, Nicole, and Cindy. And of course to all the kids. It was a blast.

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