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There has been a lot going on in my world causing me to redirect my energy and time elsewhere … but I had to take the two minutes to post this.

Has anyone seen P!ink’s new video for Raise Your Glass? There is this scene, where lactating women are hooked up to a breast pump and milked. The milk is collected it and, presumably, bottlefed to the bovine calf in front of them.

Raise Your Glass by Pink

It is an interesting imagery. It strikes a sensitive chord with me on soooo many levels. What do you think?

It also reminds me of


I had a very busy day and am so tired and brain dead. I was not planning on posting even a single word here but felt compelled to cement this video firmly in my resources. ┬áThis is The Onion News Network’s ┬áhomage to lactivism, breastfeeding advocacy, feminism, and breastfeeding in public. LOVE IT.

When I absent-mindedly clicked on the link I did not expect to be so amused and so tickled. I almost peed my pants laughing. I really must share it but right after that I will have to go to bed so I can empty my enlarged mammary glands during my 2-year old’s night time feed while we bed-share. Should I mention that the five year old is in the bed too? LOL

As I am typing this I am wrecking my brain trying to figure out how to make a night-time feeding public when the nursling in question is a two year old who is asleep, next to his five year old and me. Hard thing to accomplish a drive to the local fast food restaurant to exercise my human right. LOL

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