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I have been neglecting all my internetting lately, except to do research for my papers. My school schedule seems not too demanding but it was made before the court order, which leaves me now with seeing my kids even less. Thankfully the boy is only two so I still get to keep him close. Unfortunately the girl was ordered to transfer from her public school homelearning program to a different district and full-time school, without grounds and just because her Dad wanted it, so both her brother and I miss her presence terribly.
I will post more on this at some point.

I am ever so more aware, grateful, and indebted to my friends. I don’t know how I would manage without you all – emotionally, physically, but also logistically.

Just as I started to manage to take a breath in here and there and keep my chin above the water for long stretches of time I found myself swamped with midterms and neglected papers. I’m off to the library for a few hours. Then to see the girl in her dance class, and more studying.
I am also lucky to have great demanding yet understanding professors. One of them is a homeschooling Mama herself.


My kids love rocking to Cyndi Lauper. They like her old stuff as well as the not so old. I was thrilled to learn that she was performing at the PNE here in Vancouver. I knew I wanted to go. I knew my five year old would love to go as well. And of course when I mentioned it to my two year old he started jumping up and down like crazy shouting “Cyndi Lauper, Cyndi Lauper, …”. So we decided to go to the show.

Glorious evening full of twists and turns of events, and wonderful surprise. Not only did I find a free PNE gate pass hiding on my fridge covered with layers of highly acclaimed art work, got to have a smoothie and a soup with Mandy made by a $600 blender that can cook a soup and grind flour in a moment and in next produce a bucket of ice cream, and then realized that the show we came to see and anticipated for so long was packed so badly we were not going to be able to see it, but we were also given seated tickets in the bleachers by Richard so we did not have to worry a THING! Thank you, thank you, thank you! yes, no hanging out with drunk men hollering stupid comments nor did we have to put up with smelly teenagers falling over themselves. So Mr Brown gave up his tickets on his birthday while on a date with the Barefoot Nutritionista. I felt bad. For a minute. And then, I felt good. For the rest of the show. I am sure M&R got better seats and all … in the tech tower, but still … he is the man and she is the woman. Love them!

The show was pretty good. I don’t really like the last album put out. I appreciate it but … the show did not really kick off until the eighties songs trickled in.

I must say that I have a deep respect for Lauper. For many reasons but extra one tonight. As she was working the crowd during a song and was connecting with the audience the dumb-asses were shoving cameras into her face and snapping pics of her being so close to them. Well, she must have been as uncomfortable with that as I was because she interrupted the song and talked to the group of people ‘with their stupid-ass cameras’ shoving them into her face, being disrespectful to her and the musicians, and missing the show and the whole point. She got a cheer and support from the crowd.

I felt terribly that this happened. I don’t know if it happens all the time but I was ashamed for Vancouver and embarrassed . Sure, it was a show at the PNE but still! HAVE SOME RESPECT people!

I think Lauper must have been drinking from the same water cooler as I was or something because I was thinking this whole camera thing myself for the past few days. That is why I don’t have any pics of us at the show. I took some before leaving so KGirl and ABoy have a little token but I left my new camera in the car when we parked at the PNE. I did not want to bring it. I knew I would not be able to enjoy myself and appreciate the moment as much if I were to capture it on memory card instead of in my mind and soul. I wanted to be connected and in the moment. And I was. And as Lauper was leaning on the fence working her magic I was thinking ‘stupid people with their cameras and flashing her like that’.

Anyway … the kids loved the show. Within the first 10 min KGirl announced that Cyndi was wearing a wig and wanted to know why. 🙂 They were dancing and jumping, even ABoy was singing to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

It was a glorious evening. Thanks to friends and family. I am truly honoured to have you in my life.

Earlier this morning I plugged some reggae music in and turned it up really loud and let the kids run crazy so I could bake their freshly berried desert.
The Earth shook periodically, the mugs and pots skipped to the beat blaring from the living room. I heard the thunder of synchronized elephant feet stomping around. Finally I put the-raspberry/blueberry-chocolate-marshmallow crumble in the oven and creamed a bit of mascarpone with maple syrup for the topping. *A few weeks a go I made a conscious decision to say Good Bye to any resemblance of an effort to obtain a beach body for this summer.*
I took a deep breath, gathered a lot of courage, and ventured into the living room to reclaim what was left of my apartment and my children.
I was not so surprised to see my five-year old daughter in different clothes. She was now wearing a pink leotard with her pink tutu skirt and was throwing cushions around wildly.
I was however surprised to see my two-year old son wearing a frilly pink polka dot dress that he borrowed from his sister and a pink glittery hairband. He was doing the most wonderful pirouettes and plies having one of the unfortunate barbies for a partner.
Capes and princess dresses were thrown all over the floor and barbies with chopped off hair were poking out the sofa.
Did I mention they were listening to reggae music?
Ahhh, the dilemma of “do I try to rein them in or do I join them! Easy!

Any tips for me?
In March I booked a camp site on Hornby Isl. The trip is just around the corner now and it is time that I start planning all the not-so-fun parts. Like … ehm, I wish I knew that before … how we are going to make the three different ferry trips on time!
Unfortunately, we will be missing two very important birthday parties so I really hope the trip will be worth it.

Glo is pulling together birth workers of all trades to collaborate and support each other. Here is a list of events in Greater Vancouver this summer 2010. You can also view it on her blog. It will be updated as needed so check back frequently for changes or additions.

Birth fun in the Greater Vancouver Area (SUMMER 2010)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 Film Night at the Squamish Adventure Centre featuring “What Babies Want”.
7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Discussion about birth options in the Sea to Sky corridor.
**$12 at the door.**

Seating limited to 46. For more info call Gloria 604 737 7063


Wed., July 14, 2010 “Babies” the documentary movie at the Rio Theatre (babies welcome) time: 12:30 p.m. 1660 W. Broadway, near Commercial Sky Train. A visually stunning and joyful new film that simultaneously chronicles the lives of four of the world’s newest human inhabitants – in Mongolia, Namibia, San Francisco, and Tokyo, respectively — from first breath to first steps, on a journey at once universal and amazingly original. Admission $10

See theFacebook Event page


Friday, July 16, 2010 Yoga and Birth. An evening with Lesley Crowe, prenatal yoga instructor from Kelowna, B.C. This is an informal evening with yogis and birthies. 7:30 p.m. We’ll be watching the video “The Big Stretch” from Australia. At #214 1650 W. 13th Ave., Vancouver (buzzer 99)

**No charge.**


Wed., July 21, 2010 ICAN Meeting at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House in East Vancouver. Important gatherings that happen monthly for women who want to heal from their surgery and find resources for a successful VBAC. Contact Mieke 778 787 0510


Thurs., July 22, 2010 An evening with SUZANNE ARMS author of “Immaculate Deception”. Suzanne Arms is an internationally acclaimed author, photojournalist, visionary, and activist, and has been an acknowledged leader of the international birthing movement for over 35 years. Her 1975 book Immaculate Deception: A New Look at Women and Childbirth fueled a national movement and was named a New York Times “Best Book of the Year.”

In 1995 she has received the prestigious Lamaze International Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding contributions to the world of birth. She founded and does her work through Birthing the Future, based near Durango, Colorado. Director of film “5 Women, 5 Births”.

**Admission $15 ($10 ICAN members)

Sponsored by ICAN of Vancouver ican AT**

Laura Jamieson Co op., 1349 East 2nd Avenue (near 2nd Ave/Clarke Dr.) in East Vancouver

And here’s a map :


Tues July 27, 2010 CARLA HARTLEY, director of Ancient Art Midwifery Institute. The oldest home learning program for midwifery students in N. America. Carla is a passionate advocate for home birth, midwifery and the rights of babies.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010 Potluck Dinner at Ethical Kitchen in North Vancouver.

Every month we host this event to bring together people with like interest in food and also to learn about the Weston A Price Foundations’ work.

Please arrive any time after 7:00 p.m. to 1600 Mckay Rd, North Vancouver, B.C.

For our August potluck, we have a special speaker, Gloria Lemay, who is a Vancouver midwifery teacher, blogger, and childbirth activist.

Gloria will be speaking on the importance of diet in pregnancy for preventing bacterial infections, gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. This promises to be an informative and lively evening.


Tues, August 17 Birth Film Night, Squamish Adventure Centre, Sea to Sky Highway. 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Featuring the film “ORGASMIC BIRTH”. Admission $10. Everyone welcome.


Mid August, 2010 PATTI RAMOS, doula and birth photographer from Oregon. Patti’s photos of birth and babies are internationally renowned.


Sun, Aug 29, 2010 This Woman’s Workevening of dance and crafts at the beautiful ScotiaBank Theatre. This is a fund raiser for Shanti Uganda.

**Admission $35 4:00 p.m. 677 Davie St., Vancouver BC**



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