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I wonder if anyone can shed some light here :).

I need to find something that I can follow for my own sake. This year will be very new for us – doing homelearning on my own with the kids and being under a microscope in anticipation of a failure. No pressure, right?

I had briefly looked into homelearning curricula. There are too many and not enough.

I was wondering what you are using if any. I like slow and fun with no pressure. My DD does not like
pressure and has trouble sitting down to a chart tracing or writing letters
repetitively in the lined spaces. Yes her handwriting reflects that but hey, she
is only five.

From what I have seen i like Oak Meadow from the reviews and
description. It is very expensive I think, and has no Canadian topics. Plus it
does not seem very ‘inclusive’. KWIM

Come Sit by Me sounds interesting and the $ question is very appealing. I like the idea of just
using the books from a local library and not having to buy them. A lot of them we already own. I would like to leave God out of it though and that is one drawback.

I also tried looking for used curricula and some of the links out there are no longer valid like … Learning Lane in Langley comes up with an ad for Cialis! :*
I realize that I am going to have to start doing some weekly planning to stay on top of things. I wonder how that will go with my own school. Thankfully I have a strong homelearning community available to me. I just need to actually reach out.
So what are you guys using?

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